About Us

We are proud to be one of the first companies in Australia to provide the highest quality, living organic soil designed to deliver thriving growth and multiple nutrient-dense harvests of all types of food, herbs and medicine. Living Soil allows plants to thrive in containers, raised beds and self-watering pots.  We use scientific lab analysis as the basis for developing and improving our tried and tested soil blends.  We are constantly conducting research to make sure our soil is constructed from highest grade certified organic ingredients where possible and are the most beneficial, natural and local inputs available. Our focus is on the biological component of a soil mix to ensure nutrient cycling is occurring every second of every day of the plant’s life.

Our soil mixes are very unique for Australia and are based on proven recipes by some of the finest gardeners in the organic, no-till growing scene in the USA including Mountain Organics in Colorado and Clackamas Coot in Oregon.  All ingredients have been chosen for location to minimise carbon footprint.  We source the highest quality, minimally processed amendments to ensure secondary plant metabolites, beneficial plant growth promoting hormones, pest resisting compounds and a balance of nutrients and minerals are preserved in their natural form and present in abundance.  We are continually getting soil analysis made to steer the improvement of our soil with science. Living Soil mixes are teeming with a diverse and healthy microbial population to provide immediately available nutrients for plant uptake in the amount the plant needs, when they need them.