No-Till Gardening

We promote a simple no-till methodology for growing in Living Soil.

No-till gardening over time with our soil-

  • Reduces labour
  • Preserves microbiology and builds soil structure
  • Encourages a mini soil ecosystem in your soil which plants can draw from a biologically available bank of nutrients when they need to
  • Reduces watering and other input requirements
  • Eliminates the need for any expensive and unsafe water soluble fertilisers
  • Produces food, herbs and medicine of increasing quality with each harvest

For a long time, conventional practice had most gardeners and farmers tilling their soil after harvests primarily to “loosen” soil and to remove weeds.  This practice has been found to be very harmful to the plethora of life in soil, critical to soil structure and crop growth.  Over time the destructive practice of tilling has degraded soils across huge areas of farm land, demanding more chemical fertilisers and pesticides just to meet rising demands for food.

No-till farming protects the bacterial and fungal pathways in the soil by leaving them undisturbed. Mycorrhizal networks grow interconnected pathways between plant roots over long distances, transporting nutrients where plants need them the most.  Organic matter is laid down on top of the soil, a practice called topdressing.  This returns organic matter for bacteria, fungi, archaea, protozoa, soil mites, earthworms and many other microbes to break down and use for food.  Plants make exudates from their roots in the form of carbon which attract microbes that carry the specific nutrient the plant needs. protozoa, nematodes, earthworms and other larger microbes consume bacteria and fungi, excreting plant available nutrients directly in the rhizosphere.  This incredible exchange between organisims is called the soil food web.  No-till growing is a practice that continually reduces fertiliser needs by working with and encouraging the soil food web.

We’ve created a few simple kits to get even the most beginner gardener all the way to successful and nutritious harvests, over and over in the same container of soil.

Living Soil can provide to the smallest home gardener and balcony growers up to commercial landscaping and greenhouses.  From 25L to 25000L, we’ve got you covered!