Living Soil 50L GeoPot Starter Kit


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This kit contains everything you need to start growing the healthiest and most nutritious food and herbs with a simple organic topdress at planting, a weekly preventative foliar spray and just water!

  • 1x 50L GeoPot
  • 50L Organic living soil
  • 10L Planting Topdress Blend
  • Straw mulch
  • IPM Kit
  • Mykos
  • Covercrop seeds


  1. Fill 57L Geopot with soil while leaving a few inches at top of pot for topdressing and mulch.  
  2. Scratch about an inch of topdress blend on soil and cover with a very light layer of straw mulch. Lightly water your soil with clean, plain water but do not over water – just enough until soil in container is evenly moist but not too much that you see runoff.
  3. Plant your seeds, seedlings or clones and water in lightly. Allow 2 weeks for plants to become established before increasing watering.
  4. Foliar spray plants thoroughly with your Sunday IPM once per week after sundown or at lights off for pest prevention and a healthy plant immune system. Refer to your Sunday IPM Kit instructions sheet for more information on integrated pest management and how to correctly mix your neem, aloe and silica solution.
  5. Once harvested, cut plants at base, ensuring you leave root ball intact.  This ensures fungal and bacterial pathways your soil has made during the plant’s life-cycle is maintained for the next life-cycle, increasing overall health of your plants and soil.
  6. Topdress again with our Topdress Blend and make sure to maintain a light layer of mulch on top.

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