Living Soil – Just Water It Blend



Designed for no-till, organic growing in containers and raised beds.

  • Grow your favourite plants from seed to harvest with only water!
  • Living soil contains all nutrients required for thriving plant growth without bottled fertilisers.
  • Does not contain any manures, animal bi-products or chemicals and is made from nutrient dense, locally sourced plant-based ingredients.
  • No need to flush! Contains no salt-based fertilisers.
  • Inoculated with beneficial nutrient solubilising and root protecting microbes.
  • Made with the highest quality humified compost, worm castings and amendments in Australia.

Once harvested, re-amend with our Planting Topdress Kit and plant your next crop right away without having to remove the rootball!

For maximum performance and best results, use in conjunction with our IPM, Enzyme and Botanical Tea kits and refer to watering program on how best to use. More information on our products and how to use them can be found on our FAQ.

Contains: Canadian sphagnum peat moss, worm castings, scoria, Ylad humus compost, activated biochar, Munash rockdust, zeolite, malted barley, agricultural lime, natural gypsum, kelp meal, neem meal, mycorrhizae, nutrient solubilising bacteria.



A rich, living soil mix made from raw ingredients of the highest quality.  This soil blend can produce multiple and nutritious harvests with only water for all annual, fast growing vegetables and herbs.

Our soil mix is very unique for Australia and is based on proven recipes which have been contributed to by many of the finest gardeners in the organic, no-till growing scene in the USA. It is based on a combination of recipes shared by Clackamas Cootz and Mountain Organics while using mostly local, Australian ingredients. All ingredients have been chosen for quality and minimal processing to ensure secondary plant metabolites and beneficial plant growth promoting hormones, pest resisting compounds and a balance of macro and micro nutrients are preserved in their natural form and present in abundance. Our soil is teaming with a healthy microbial population, ready to break down nutrients to deliver to your plant. This style of organic growing fosters and encourages the soil food web to produce the healthiest and most nutrient dense plants you have ever seen!

The humus component of a real living soil is the most important factor as it contains all biology required to solubilise nutrients for plant availability.  The key purpose of compost in organic soil is for the life that it contains.  Compost creates ideal, aerobic soil structure.  Bacteria make glues that hold microscopic soil particles together to form aggregates.  Fungal hyphae then hold these aggregates together that in turn create larger particles and pathways for plenty of oxygen and water to penetrate soil and promote soil life.  These microbes naturally adjust the pH as needed by the plant, right in the rootzone.  This natural process builds a healthy, aerobic environment which is essential to fostering a productive soil food web.  High quality compost increases water holding capacity and eliminates the need for chemical fertiliser input.  Humus chelates minerals through a natural abundance of humic and fulvic substances.  It contains positive and negatively charged ions that attract and hold on to nutrients and minerals, eliminating any nutrient leeching that would occur in soil devoid of humus.

We use Ylad Humus Compost and Circular Foods worm castings to ensure the widest spectrum of humic substances and microbes are present in abundance.  This is the driving force of Living Soil blends and is what makes multiple bountiful harvests possible in single containers as small as 50L!

Ingredients: Canadian sphagnum peat moss, certified organic Big Bio worm castings, certified organic compost, lava rock, basalt rock dust, ground malted barley, gypsum, ag lime, acadian kelp meal, neem cake

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25L, 1000L

Ylad Humus Compost Microbe Data


Never let soil become more dry than when first taken out of bag.  

Use a minimum of 50L pots to avoid having to water too often and to ensure an abundance of microbe biomass for plenty of nutrients in plant available form.  

Aim to keep evenly moist throughout grow but do not overwater.  Living Soil has an extremely efficient water holding capacity.

  1. Fill pots or beds with soil while leaving a few inches at top of pot for topdressing and mulch.  
  2. Scratch about an inch of Topdress Blend on soil and cover with a very light layer of straw mulch. Lightly water your soil with clean, plain water but do not over water – just enough until soil in container is evenly moist but not too much that you see runoff.  
  3. Plant your seeds, seedlings or clones and water in just enough to set root ball in place. Allow 2 weeks for plants to become established before increasing watering. Always aim for even moisture and do not overwater.


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